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This Game is Called: Gold Miner

This Game is Called: Gold Miner Vegas

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Prospector's Joke

Bill and Joe are two close buddies that prospect together just about every weekend...They usually find small flakes and small amounts of Gold, but they are having fun and enjoying the great adventures...

One afternoon they began test panning beneath a small waterfall and suddenly they were finding nice sized pickers and very nice Gold Flakes.....Joe got so excited that he tried to hurry accross the slippery rocks and he slipped and fell into the water....Bill hurried over to check on him and immediately discovered that Joe had struck his head on a rock when he fell...Joe laid there motionless......Bill quickly grabbed his cell phone and called 911...A dispatch operator answered.....Bill was frantic...Oh My God...Oh My God...I think he's dead!....The dispatch operator stated in a firm voice:  Ok!...Let's just calm down....The first thing we need to do is check and make sure he's dead..........There was a moment of silence.....A shot is heard...Bill's voice back on the phone:  Ok!....Now What?

An elderly couple are sitting on the couch watching the Gold Fever show, and the Woman says to her husband: Remember how we used to hold hands?...The man gently takes her hand and holds it.....The woman says tio him: Remember how we used to give each other kisses?...The man smiles and leans over and gently kisses her......The woman says: Remember how you used to nibble on my ears?.....The man quickly jumps up and starts to walk away!....The woman asks: Hey!..Where are you going?......The man replies: I'm going to get my teeth!

Dear God,   My prayer for 2012 is  a fat bank account and a thin body.   Please don't mix them up like you did last year.   Amen