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This page is provided as a helpful tool to all Gold Prospectors. Experienced, Novice, Men, Women, and Children....Anyone can successfully find Gold if they really desire!

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Most of you realize the absolute power of one of the most desireable precious metals on the planet, But,,,,Do you understand that the overwhelming majority of the free milling, (placer), Gold, is smaller than the human eye can see?.....Thats Right!....Estimates of the micro particle gold are upwards of 60%.....The larger pieces that you see on videos, television shows, magazines, etc, are actually the minority...40% or less. Knowing this helps us to understand that the aggressive miners of the past were absolutely missing massive quantities of the Gold because of their primitive, and crude methods. Their limited Knowledge and understanding of the precious metal was focused on what was immediately visible in their Gold Pans and Rocker Boxes......Sluice Boxes were developed and they helped tremendously, but the recovery of the precious metal was still limited to the minority of the free milling Gold!

It is our desire to help you achieve your goals in your quest for the precious metal, and we are going to give you information that will greatly increase your ability, and success.

The very first tool that you will need is: Your Mind......You will need to condition your thoughts and knowledge to a state similar to an investigator or detective looking for clues. You will need to observe Nature and Landscapes in a much different way. You will need to understand that Nothing is Impossible, (Keep an open mind).....You will need to develop and trust your natural instincts.

Now it is time to learn as much as you can about techniques and tools that you will need to help you discover and collect the Gold. You should watch videos that demonstrate various techniques of Panning......Metal Detecting.....Sluicing.....Etc, and then you should practice the Panning many times until you feel confident that you are capturing the heavy black sands and the Gold. You should study articles and books about Micron Gold.....learn about the most obvious territories, The characteristics, The natural moving elements related to: Storm Water...Wind....Glacial Slides....etc.....Always Remember: Knowledge and Understanding are the Keys to Sucess!

Now we are going to go over some details that are not mentioned by many of the books and arcticles, but are extremely important to those of you that become serious about collecting the maximum amount of Gold, and avoiding the mistakes that most miners have made for decades.......Remember: Just because you are not seeing the Gold in your Black Sands, Does Not mean that it is not there!....Scientific studies and research has proven that there are tremendous quantities of Gold suspended in Sea Water!...That's Right!....Tons and Tons of Gold in the Oceans of this planet!......

---Tip: Keep Your Black Sands, (even your magnetic ones)

---Tip: Gold Does Not Always Look Like Gold!, (It can be coated with Sulfides, etc)

---Tip: Always map the areas where you find Gold Particles!

Gold Will Not Look Like Gold if it has been trapped in a particular position for many years!...In Fact, It will usually have a completely different appearance. It will have a redish brown color if it has been surrounded by Iron Oxide, (Rusty Layers on the Gold).....It will have a Greyish White color if it has layers of Sulfides from Surrounding Soil and Water Minerals.....It will often times have a Silvery Grey color if it has Mercury Coating on it, Mercury is a natural element and is present in most rivers and streams, also present in all of the Ocean Floors, It Should Not be automatically assumed that some careless miners of the past dumped all of the Mercury into the Waterways!....If you spend enough time prospecting for Gold, You will eventually find significant amounts of Mercury. You should not be worried!, Just be Careful and Study this extensively before you form any opinions. (Remember: Keep an Open Mind)....

---Trick: Place all of your heavy concentrates into a rock tumbler, Pour in some White Vinegar, A couple tablespoons of Salt, and a few large Rocks....Tumble this matrix for a couple of days, then carefully pan the material and look for Clean, Shiny Gold!....Carefully examine with magnifying glass......

When you begin to see the Gold particles in your test pan, The Golden Colored particles are the ones that have been traveling along river beds or gravels recently....They are usually quite small and they move readily during floods and rapid river current. You will find these types of deposits along the edges of the river banks after the Storms have Moved this material from previous upstream locations. When you test pan the inner bends of the river, and you begin to see Golden Particles, this is a good indication that you are in a good location to capture great quanties of Gold.

---Tip: Save your Black Sands....Dry Them....Click on the following links for helpful methods of Gold Extraction from these Black Sands......

---Tip: Screens and Magnets are very useful tools that will help you recover the very tiny particles of Gold from your black sands....

Here is another example of the Power of Gold:.......CLICK HERE!

Now that you have practiced your panning skills and feel the urge to seek productive territories that will allow you to capture nice quantities of Precious Gold,....It is time to equip yourself with the proper tools for the job. You will find that there are many choices to make when you shop around for equipment. If you are just beginning, Keep It Simple!.....You should locate a local prospecting shop in your area and talk to them about the areas and the material you are planning to work with......River or Stream?....Dry Gultch?....Desert Sand?.....Knowledgeable people will be able to help you with the right tools.

When you decide to work lots of stream beds and rivers,....Make sure you get the opportunity to use a Sidewinder Sluice!......You may try many sluices and have fantastic results, but you will never truly understand what you are missing until you see the difference for yourself.

To be continued......please check back