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Welcome to our first Photo Page

Here you will see some pictures of the Sidewinder Sluice in action, and lots of pictures of Gold Prospecting Adventures. Please come back often and watch for more pictures and information about The Sidewinder Sluice.

Here is a picture of a Sidewinder Sluice Highbanker

Here is a picture of another model of Sidewinder Highbanker

Here is a picture of the Inventor: Sharon Eckley

Here is a picture of a Spiral Panning Wheel....Panning some of the Concentrates from The Sidewinder Sluice...    Ed Eckley, (In the white shirt)...Jerry Carter, (Sharon Eckley's brother)...Rock Carter, (The little guy digging in the bucket).

Here is a photo of a Club Outing... Gold Prospectors of the Rockies, (GPR)  Great People...Great Times! 

                         Working an area in Historic Russell Gultch....Colorado

Ed & Sharon Eckley Operating a Sidewinder Sluice Highbanker at a Club Outing....Clear Creek

Suction Dredge hooked up to a Sidewinder Sluice Highbanker....Ed Eckley is moving large stones to get down behind the Bedrock Slab....

A close up shot of the Dredge Head discharging material down across the Classifier on the Sidewinder Highbanker.

Cheryl and Dawn...Two Great Friends that enjoy searching for Gold!....Clear Creek...

Finding Gold in the Sidewinder Concentrates after acouple of hours of Dredging....



Sharon next to our newest 5ft Prospector Models


Curves Ahead!

Much More to come!.....Please keep checking back....